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The mortgage definition for Credit:

A measurement of a person's ability to pay bills on time. Several companies track individuals' credit histories by detailing late or missed payments on loans, credit cards and other debts.

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Credit agencies

Credit agencies
Companies such as Equifax or Experian that are often used by lenders to assess your financial background and determine the level of risk involved with lending you money.

Credit averse

Credit averse
When a borrower has a poor credit history, has previously been declared bankrupt or has outstanding County Court Judgements, they are often described as credit averse. People with averse credit ratings often have to pay higher interest rates on a mortgage. 

Credit checks

Credit checks
These are checks made when you try to borrow money or purchase goods on hire purchase, and are used to determine the risk of lending you money. They will examine your credit history and check for payment defaults and what you owe to other financial organisation. A credit agency is often used.

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