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Currency swings

The mortgage definition for Currency swings:

These affect foreign currency mortgages. In pound sterling terms, the value of the capital outstanding on your mortgage can rise or fall dramatically if there is movement in the value of either the currency of the loan or UK pounds sterling. If the value of the pound increases, you should benefit from lower repayments, as the value of the foreign currency you have borrowed decreases. Less sterling is required to buy the same amount of foreign currency necessary to meet the repayments and vice versa.

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It is possible to get a mortgage for your home in the UK in a mortgage denominated in a foreign currency. It sometimes gives you the opportunity to borrow money at a lower rate of interest than is possible in the UK. You do this by choosing a currency whose country has lower interest rates than we have here. Lower interest rates should mean lower repayments of both capital and interest or a shorter mortgage term. The mortgage does not have to be in any single currency. There are lenders who will allow you to spread your mortgage across a range of different currencies. This could be seen as spreading the risk

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