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Lenders legal fees

The mortgage definition for Lenders legal fees:

Fees incurred by the lender when arranging a mortgage passed on to the buyer.

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Council of Mortgage Lenders

Council of Mortgage Lenders
An institution that sets out code a code of good practice which mortgage lenders volunteer to stick to - they are not regulated by the government.

Direct lenders

Direct lenders
Provide financial services over the telephone and through the internet. Lower overheads resulting from a lack of high street premises and centrally streamlined processes mean that the overall costs are much lower and part of this saving is used to deliver cheaper products. Add to this the convenience of arranging a mortgage outside working hours from your own home, and it is easy to see why these new operations are finding favour.

High street lenders

High street lenders
Providers of mortgage products who can be broadly split into two groups - the building societies and the banks. Banks are profit-making businesses that return a portion of their profits to shareholders in the way of dividends. Building societies on the other hand, are mutually owned organisations, which exist not for profit but for the benefit of the members. They claim that this allows them to return profits to their customers in the form of cheaper products.

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