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Redemption statement

The mortgage definition for Redemption statement:

The outstanding amount to be repaid on an existing mortgage. Redundancy insurance Another form of income protection, but one that does not cover any form of sickness, injury or disability. The purpose of this type of policy is to replace income lost through a short to medium term period of redundancy. It provides you with a monthly tax-free income to cover a portion of your lost earnings. It is often sold in conjunction with the accident, sickness and disability element of income protection policies, in which case it is known as Accident, Sickness and Unemployment (ASU).

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Extended redemption penalty

Extended redemption penalty
This is where the redemption penalty continues beyond a fixed or capped rate period, effectively tying you in to the much higher variable rate for a period of time after the fixed or capped period. As a result you get stuck paying an uncompetitive rate that eats into the gains you may have made from having the fixed rate or capped ratein the first place.

Overhanging redemption penalty

Overhanging redemption penalty
An early redemption charge that lasts beyond the benefit period is referred to as an extended or overhanging redemption penalty. These should be avoided where possible. 


This is the right of the mortgagor to recover mortgaged property on repayment of the loan and any interest due. This legally means that once you as the borrower have finished repaying the mortgage you took out, the property is yours and the lender has no further claim on it. If you pay of the mortgage ahead of schedule you may face a redemption penalty which compensates the lender for loss of interest.

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