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Unit linked endowment

The mortgage definition for Unit linked endowment:

Your monthly premiums are used to buy units in a fund or funds run by professional managers. Like unit trusts, the price of these units can go up and down, so the value of the endowment can constantly change.

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Full with profit endowment

Full with profit endowment
The most expensive endowment plan with the highest guaranteed returns. This type of endowment guarantees an annual growth and also to pay off the full loan at maturity which is the cause of the added expense. It also has built in life cover. The future growth of your investment is assumed to be at a certain rate, which determines the level of your premiums. The portion of your premium that is being invested is pooled with the premiums of other investors. Annual bonuses are added to the maturity value each year and are dependent on the performance of the investment fund. There is a possibility that the bonuses will take the maturity value above the level required to pay back the loan. This would result in a tax-free cash surplus, which you can spend on whatever tickles your fancy.

Low cost endowment

Low cost endowment
Designed to accumulate the sum needed to pay after a given period, usually for the purpose of paying off a mortgage. However there are no guarantees and investors may have to increase their premiums to build up enough to pay off their mortgage. 

Low start endowment

Low start endowment
This is essentially the same as a low-cost endowment, but premiums begin at a lower level and gradually increase over a number of years - usually between five and ten. The initial premium can be significantly lower than the full premium, but never lower than half (which is a common starting point). Premiums may, for example, increase from 50% to 100% of the final value by 20% per year for 5 years or by 10% per year for ten years. This is another product designed to make it easier to budget over the first few years of home owning, when money is likely to be tighter for many people. As with most products that work this way, you generally have to pay for it in the long run.

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